Theft, burglaries, and armed street burglaries highlight crime report

badge.jpgBurglaries and thefts plagued the South Precinct for the week that ended Saturday, Nov. 7.

According to police reports, 22 residential burglaries or attempts were reported for the week. Locations included Benzing Road, Hickory Hollow Parkway, Cedar drive, Turley Drive, Oriel Avenue, Elysian Fields Road, Dover Glen Drive, and a pair of burglaries on Reischa Drive.

There were also 41 – yes 41 – thefts (or attempts in two cases) from motor vehicles reported for the week. These are taking place all over the South Precinct including in Antioch.

Top items stolen included:

  • 10 listing tools
  • 6 purses/wallets
  • 5 tags/stickers
  • 5 GPS devices
  • 4 car stereos
  • 2 handguns
  • 2 cell phones

Related, for all Nashville during the week of October 25 through October 31, in 64 percent of all vehicles stolen keys were left in the vehicles or were made easily available to the thieves.

As always, lock your car doors, secure valuables out of sight, and take your keys with you.

Related, Ernesto Duenez has been arrested in a series of auto burglaries. More charges are expected.

Finally, this week, there have been two street robberies. One report was on Bakertown Road and the other on Humber Drive. In each case, the suspects (different descriptions in both) held up their victims at gun point. Be alert!