Police see reduction in theft from motor vehicles

badge.jpgThe Metro Nashville Police Department’s South Precinct numbers showed some improvements in historically difficult crime areas.

For example, for the week ending November 28, there were 18 thefts from motor vehicles. There were 16 the previous week, but the weekly number had climbed into the 30s for several weeks in the Summer and early Fall.

For last week, reports listed four tags/stickers, four sets of tools, and two wallets/purses stolen out of vehicles. As always, lock those doors and keep valuables out of site.

There was one motor vehicle theft last week, as a car was stolen from the corner of Bell Road and Murfreesboro Pike.

Other crimes for the week were:

  • 16 residential burglaries
  • 2 commercial burglaries
  • 3 street robberies
  • 2 commercial robberies

Also, officers are encouraging citizens to be smart when shopping during the holiday season. Don’t leave purses or valuables unattended in shopping carts, or in plain view in vehicles, even briefly. As the police report says, an unattended purse is an easy target for a thief.