What Antioch is saying in social media

This week, folks were very vocal about the announcement that the interchange at Hickory Hollow Parkway has been approved for completion as a part of the Century Farms development. However, most folks were more vocal about the announcement that Conn’s HomePlus and Floor and Décor would be opening soon in the old Target building.

Here are a few comments from Facebook:

Oldacre McDonald development gets I-24 interchange approval

Jacobia Dowell No. We got approval for the interstate improvement – Hickory Hollow Pkwy extension. When you get off Hickory Hollow Pkwy, you will be able to exit into Cane Ridge Pkwy (new road) into the development or you can continue to HH Pkwy. Cane Ridge Rd and Old Franklin will not change other than widening, roundabouts, sidewalks.

Steve Willcox Now I start to believe things as there are tangible signs this area is on the up. I know a lot of work has gone into creating this positive situation by people like Jacobia and to them I give my thanks and respect.

Jacobia Dowell Cane ridge td and old Franklin will be improved but it’s not being re routed anywhere. It will stay just as it is now. You will be able to turn off Cane ridge rd and old Franklin into the development.

Allison Allen I was just hoping for a Costco lol

Wakeela Simmons Me too…Never heard of Home Plus or Flood & Decor.

Jacobia Dowell Me too! Keep hope alive. It’s still possible. Floor & Decor is a decorating place for hardwood, tile, etc. We will have more places in the actually development. These stores repurpose the old Target.

Jessica Roberts It’s great to see the area revitalized but sad to lose the farm. I have loved the semi-rural feel of the area.

Sherry K Culbertson So the Preston rd and cane ridge intersection will be included too?

Sherry K Culbertson So it looks like cane ridge rd is being rerouted and old franklin rd too?

Alicia Lark Fuss Is there a map or diagram that shows the plan for the extension and road improvements?

Jacobia Dowell Sherry K Culbertson, I’m not sure what you mean by re-routed. Don’t look at at that map.

Amy E Villmer David Goodwin, looks like a new exit in our future

Sherry K Culbertson How long will rds be nested up?

Fredrika Petway-Davis Thx Jacobia Dowell 4 all u do!!!

The following Facebook comments were made in regards to photos of the two new stores on the AntiochTenn.com Facebook page:

Diane Fashing Please support the local businesses, Antioch. Let’s start shopping in our own zip code as much as possible.

Jacobia Dowell Thanks Diane! Yes, let’s support the businesses that choose to come to our area.

Kirsten Eigenfeld I won’t be supporting Conn’s on principle. They take advantage of the less financially savvy. They are one step above Rent a Center.

Jacobia Dowell How do they take advantage?

Kirsten Eigenfeld Overpriced, cheap furniture and high interest rates.

Jacobia Dowell Thanks for all you do!

Masonia Busby What is planned to be at the corner of Cane Ridge Road and Old Franklin Road?

Jacobia Dowell We are moving a shared Community Health System service center there. This will be amides use development that includes employers, retail and housing. Come out to a meeting of you can sometime.

Connie Iden-Monds Sure do hope they widen Cane Ridge and OHB on the other end.

Jacobia Dowell I invite you come out to a meeting and get involved in your community. Yes, there are plans to widen the road.

Connie Iden-Monds Thank you Jacobia! As a long time resident of Can Ridge Rd, I appreciate your response. Can you send me info about when and where meetings are held or post a link please?

Regina Campano Hubbard Well, that’s disappointing.

Jacobia Dowell It’s better than an empty building. I’m shocked anyone would be oppose to a business coming to the area vs empty space that we constantly have to clean graffiti and trash.

Regina Campano Hubbard I was hoping for a Providence or Avenues type set up even on a smaller scale. We have very few shopping choices. I’m sure you will disagree and say the global mall offers a wide variety of retail options and I guess, based on the thoery of something, …See More

Regina Campano Hubbard Fyi. Before you say I should attend meetings and get involved, I went to one once, the entire room vehemently disagreed with the proposed plan, the council person started crying and saying how disappointed she was and the plan was approved. So, no thanks.

Caiden Skye Y’all need to do something with the mall

Jacobia Dowell What do you propose we do? The owner thinks the global mall compliments the neighborhood/neighbors. We are getting a company in the Sears and that area will be improved. We continue to work on it.

Caiden Skye I wish target and best buy would come back. In a couple of years it would be nice to get a whole food after the area grows.

Michelle Cothron-Clay What about Macy’s and other retail stores

Jacobia Dowell They are recruiting other retail to the century farm development. I doubt there will be a Macy’s. Most retail stores are struggling right now.

Michelle Cothron-Clay There is no Macy’s no Dillards no Penny’s and don’t get me wrong the discount stores are nice too but we don’t have a lot of nice stores in Antioch area and the global mall is a disaster because there is no shops inside it looks like a disaster fixing …See More

Judi Petty Excited to see this happening

Denise Chandler Awesome smile emoticon

Jacobia Dowell I invite you all to come to a meeting and get involved in your community. You are lucky to have these two businesses. Both of these businesses are better than an empty building. Businesses go where they have customers and both will do fine.

Stanley Johnson When’s the going out of sale buisness

Caiden Skye Nothing but wasted space

Jacobia Dowell The space is appropriately utilized. If you want to attract more business, you support what comes.

Caiden Skye I buy as much as I can in Antioch but the problem is a lot of the stores were I buy stuff are not there.there’s really no where to buy clothes in Antioch . If you could shop more people would buy more in Antioch. People keep going to Coolsprings or oprymills because they have better stores that people want to shop at. I grew up in Franklin tn I never really ever went to Nashville because everything you needed or wanted was available there. I moved to Antioch and I’m driving to Nashville or Coolsprings. The area is slowly cleaning up and rent is on the rise but people are waisting gas on going everywhere else because there’s not a whole lot in Antioch.