Police report: Stolen cars and stolen from cars

Warm up your car and increase the odds of it being stolen. This week, 44 percent of cars stolen in the South Precinct were stolen while they were being warmed up.

The police reports from the South Precinct for the week ending Saturday, January 16, showed some improvement, but numbers are still a bit too high in some categories.

Reported were:

  • 11 Street Robberies
  • 4 Commercial Burglaries
  • 32 Residential Burglaries
  • 18 Motor Vehicle Thefts
  • 17 Thefts from Motor Vehicles

Of the 32 residential burglaries, 84 percent were forced entry. Of those, 16 were by door and 11 by window.

The motor vehicle thefts have a familiar ring to them. Eight of the 18 cars stolen were due to the cars being warmed up. In fact, Operation Park Smart shows that for the week ending January 9, 51 percent – over half – the cars stolen were taken because the keys were left inside or otherwise were made available to the thieves.

Items stolen from vehicles include four sets of tags or stickers, one backpack, one hover board, one  generator, a pair of sunglasses, three laptops, two wallets, a GPS, and a trailer.

So far this week, there have been two street robberies, two residential burglaries, three motor vehicle thefts, and six thefts from motor vehicles.

One of the stolen vehicles was recovered (in midtown) thanks to OnStar. That lead to another stolen vehicle which resulted in an arrest in Midtown.