Library to offer organization series

libraryJanuary 2016 – the beginning of a new year!  It is brimming, full of possibilities!  Maybe you were like me around the first of the month – reflecting over what I’d like to do in the next 12 months.  I’d like to use my treadmill on a regular basis.  I’d like to spend less and save more.  And on cold mornings, I’d especially like it if my garage was organized enough so that I could park my car inside!

If organizing on any level is on your To Do list this year, the Southeast Branch Library can help you!  On January 15th, we kicked off a 12-week Lunch ‘n Learn series called The Organizing Hour.  Every Friday, from 12:00 noon – 1:00 PM, we will offer tips on how to organize any number of areas of your life.  Each session stands alone, so you can come to all 12 or just to the ones that pique your interest.  Feel free to bring your lunch.  The library will provide drinks.

January 22nd:  “Drowning in documents (organizing home paperwork)” – How long has it been since you saw the top of your desk or countertop?  Is it really possible to be totally “paperless”? This week’s Lunch n’ Learn will cover practical and achievable tips for keeping the bills, letters, schedules, notices and junk mail under control.

January 29th: “When another person’s stuff is my dilemma” – When people struggle with another person because their accumulated possessions have become an obstacle to comfort, safety, financial security, or communication, something has to change.  In this class, learn what contributes to accumulation of things, understand the need to shift conversations about the “stuff,” and increase empathy.  Also learn about self-care and find support with other people struggling in a similar way.  Topics covered will be chronic disorganization, hoarding disorder and communication shifts.

February 5th: “Digital organizing” – Computers get cluttered too, and it can cause just as much stress as an overstuffed closet.  In this session, we explore ways to control and organize emails, files, social media, and apps to keep you and your computer functioning at top speed.

February 12th: “All about Evernote” – This fun and informative workshop teaches you have to use Evernote to enhance paper organization, content curation, and collaboration.  Evernote is a perfect “app” for professionals, students, business owners, parents – anyone who needs to track, store, and organize lots of notes and information.  Feel free to bring a charged laptop or device and learn as we go.

February 19th: “Overwhelmed? Two approaches to get organized” – Sometimes circumstances get the better of us and after a major life event we may experience “situational disorganization.”  This session will give you two solid methods of tackling the excess stuff and disorganized buying habits so you can start to feel in control again.

February 26th: “The emerging risk of cyber crime” – With social media, online banking, and online shopping more of our lives and our personal information are on the internet.  In this session, we will look at what cyber crime is and how you can protect your identity and assets from being stolen.

March 4th: “Organizing your student for success” – Are you afraid to look in your child’s backpack?  Does their room look like a tornado hit? In this session, we cover ways to help your student get their schoolwork, extracurricular schedule and time management skills working for optimal success (includes tips for ADHA challenges, too)

March 11th: “Learning styles and organization” – Does the way you process information affect your ability to stay organized and productive?  Many experts believe it does.  Together we’ll take a look at the different “modalities”, how you can discover yours, and how to use learning styles to support your organizing efforts.

March 19th:  “Timely time management” – “I never have enough time!” Sound familiar?  Join us this week to learn some great solutions for controlling procrastination, mastering calendaring and lists, and maximizing the time we DO have.  Our discussion will include both high-tech and low-tech suggestions and recommendations.

March 25th: No class this week

April 1st: “Organizing and staging your home for sale” – What you choose to display and what gets hidden away can have an impact on how fast your home sells.  Come learn tips of the trade that will help you present your home in the best light possible.

April 8th: “Organizing for the unexpected” – Here in Middle Tennessee we experience tornados, floods, and ice storms.  Do you have a plan for how to handle a potential disaster or emergency? This final session covers the basics of creating a home inventory, stocking an emergency kit, and making sure you have your information ducks in a row in case the unexpected happens.

Don’t forget that the Southeast Branch Library is open on Fridays from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.  We hope you’ll join us for some of these great programs!