Antioch sounds off on social media

Antioch had plenty to say during the snowy weather.

One of our most active conversations on the Facebook Page involved people’s plans for the snow day Friday. In addition to posting lots of photos, here’s what a few had to say.

Elma Adkisson Watching the snowfall , snuggling by the fireplace with hot chocolate and tv. Will make my way out the door later to help build a snowman ….. Maybe :)))) I like the “maybe” part.

Felisha Hernandez Well i was gonna play out in the snow but my daughter hates it so we are inside watching tv lol

file000766340476 Awwww

Felisha Hernandez O once the snow touched her hand she had a melt down lol…she doesnt like this crazy white stuff lol

Susan Hintz Staying in and enjoying watching it snow

Kasi Heflin I’m a delivery driver in Lavergne…my subdivision in Antioch is solid white but people are making it out. Trying to figure out if I should go to work or call out. Anyone know what the roads are like in Lavergne?

Kasi Heflin I do not have a big car or a 4 wheel drive. I have a ford fiesta….hatchback We do not have a report from LaVergne, however, TDOT is reporting conditions will get worse and worse as the day goes on.

Kasi Heflin Thank you. I think I will just stay home today.

Clay Morgan Once we have enough to be fun, I’m sure I’ll take the girls out in it. Probably read by the fire, maybe work on my stamp collection also.

Molly Martin Sledding in the neighborhood, or at least the front yard! Watching the snow fall and marveling in its beauty, giving thanks for my safety and warmth indoors.
…and then joining the rest of the world in watching Making a Murderer!

Juanita Moses-McQuay Out in the snow w/the Grands

Carrie Lashanda Cobb Jarrett Riding the gator and sledding

Mel Pearson Play in the snow and knit while watching a good movie or two.

Lynne Smith Watching my neighbors trying to get out of our neighborhood.

Jeffrey Moritz Jr Worked till noon that came home and listened to 80s music.

Roni Carr Watching it snow and napping on the couch

Gail Dowdy Reading and keeping the hot chocolate going.

Candy Hoosier Relaxing watching movies

Lisa Quinn Playing in the SnOw!!

Kayla Bush Like this with my boys!

Vanny Jetson Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, and get fat

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Allison Allen We’re going sledding!!

Ruth Hayslett Working from home…

Clayton Keys Working

We also posted on our Facebook Page that Angelo’s Picnic Pizza was open Saturday, despite the weather. Antioch really sounded off then!

Warren Bays Luv the. Double stuffed crust meat lovers pizza! That makes two of us!

Elvia Perez That’s my favorite place to eat pizza. If only they could deliver there pizza.

Cheryl Dewald If we could just get him to deliver!

Debbie Haynie Sharer Some great pizza

Tammie Tresner Best pizza ever

Terrika Mcghee 20mins from me

La Mattina Giovanna La neve ..?See Translation

Chris JB McCullough I may walk lol

Carol Thompson Nelson Love Angelo’s!

Joseph Kreidler Pizza done right. A lunch buffet you can’t miss