Week ends with tons of stuff stolen from cars

badge.jpgMetro Nashville Police Department’s South Precinct had a very busy week last week, and it wasn’t just dealing with the dozens of snow-related accidents.

For the week ending Saturday, January 23, there were 36 reports of thefts from motor vehicles.

Some of the items reported stolen include:

  • Five sets of tags
  • Four listing cash
  • Three purses
  • Three cell phones
  • Two backpacks
  • Two tablets
  • Two pair of sunglasses
  • Credit Cards
  • A wheel and tire
  • A GPS
  • A camera
  • A car dolly
  • CDs
  • A pistol
  • Vehicle batteries
  • Documents
  • A generator
  • A car stereo
  • A box of flashlights
  • A jacket
  • A laptop
  • And yes, someone reported a comb stolen

Also reported last week were five street robberies, one commercial burglary, 13 residential burglaries and nine motor vehicle thefts.

Of the cars stolen, two had keys left in the car, one while warming up. For the week ending January 16, Nashville-wide, 57 percent of the 26 cars stolen were easy targets because the keys were left in the car or the thieves had access to the keys. In 11 of the 15 stolen cars, the cars were running without the driver present.