– January by the numbers

Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan had a might good January.

Rolling into our second year, January was the busiest month in terms of traffic.

According to our Google Analytics, 28,123 people visited and many of those visited the site multiple times.


Our most-viewed story was Oldacre McDonald development gets I-24 interchange approval. This story was loaded more than 12,000 times.

A surprising second place was Antioch Middle Prep poised for success with new principal, faculty. The main reason this is surprising is the story has only been live for three days as of this writing.

The largest grouping of stories were business stories as news of Conn’s preparing to open and a new Zaxby’s outran our extensive coverage of the weather and community closings, which on their own drew several thousand page views.

Social Media

We were pleased to add 184 new people liking us on Facebook in January. They say our posts reached 95,270 people in January.

Likewise, analytics say our Twitter posts reached 100,000-plus people in January.

I don’t know, sometimes it is hard to tell exactly what social media analytics mean, sometimes.

We do know our crime and business stories did particularly well in January on social media. However, it was our coverage during the snow storms that really were well received in social media.

Advertising was delighted to welcome State Farm Insurance, Bobby Allen, and Ezell-Harding Christian School into our fold of advertisers. Likewise, we were thankful for business from Will Pinkston’s re-election campaign and delighted to see realtor Barry Vincent place some ads with us after a brief absence.

Of course, we’re always happy to partner with our other advertisers including, but not limited to EAZE Custom Framing, Freeland Chevrolet, 360 Burger, Lighthouse Christian School, and others.

For our advertisers it was a very special month. Our ads loaded over 100,000 times for the first time. I can’t go into specifics until I provide the advertisers with their analytics reports in a few days, but it is good to be an advertiser.

We need new advertisers and our rates are priced right. As the only media outlet serving Antioch, and the best way to reach the Antioch consumer, we hope you’ll give us some consideration. If you want to know rates, just email me at [email protected].

Business Directory

Back before Christmas we began offering a basic business directory listing to any Antioch or Southeast Nashville business that wanted one. For free.

In January, 36 local businesses took advantage of this offer. It still stands by the way. You can submit your free basic listing at this link.


We have two subscriptions because, well, we like to make things complicated.

The first is to our newsletter, AntiochLive. It’s free and is emailed out three times per week to more than 1,000 people in the Antioch area. It has a very high 60 percent open rate and we’re delighted to offer Antioch’s only news newsletter.

You can subscribe to it, for free, at this link.

The other subscription is a voluntary subscription to Look the site is and will remain free. However, if you feel like community journalism in Antioch is important, your voluntary subscription of $5, $10, or $15 per month will go a long ways toward helping us hire more writers and give you more stories.

And yes, if you wish to subscribe for like $10,000, we can figure it out.

You may read more about voluntary subs at this link.

Thank you so much, Antioch, for your support. We look forward to serving you in February and beyond.