Why private education is right for your family

10489805_676165009120018_500875558582448234_nToday, parents of school-aged children face a myriad of options when selecting the educational path of their family. Many factors come into play when considering what is right for your child. It is important to be informed about the educational options available and intentional about the choices you make.

The educational road begins with one fork- the choice between public or private education. For most, public is the default choice, and like many default choices in life, little consideration is given to the other options. Whatever option you may ultimately decide is right for your student, it is important that the choice is made with intention and that you continue to evaluate this path to insure it continues to meet the expectations and values that are important to you and your student.

Private education offers distinct advantages to your family in contrast to the public option. As your child grows and matures into young adulthood, there are four quadrants identified as the foundation of a balanced life for a mature, healthy person. These four quadrants are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. While most academic communities readily train students to be successful in one or two of these, private education is uniquely qualified to prepare students in all four quadrants. While there is no more dramatic measure of growth than physical growth, healthy physical growth is more than just growing taller; it also is learning good habits for lifelong healthy living, the opportunity to learn competition and sportsmanship, and the opportunity to do so in a safe environment. Safety is a paramount concern in today’s social climate.

While the threat of violence can never be eliminated from any school, a smaller student population held to higher standards and expectations of behavior offers a learning environment free from the heightened anxieties present when more risks exist.

Mental growth is measured by academic performance, but it means more than just grades. A student’s future success depends on the ability to be agile and adaptable in a world that changes quickly. Critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills will be key to help students navigate their future careers as lifelong learners. Because private schools offer smaller classes, students are challenged and grow not only in knowledge of critical subject matter but also in confidence as they achieve. It is not uncommon for students with private education backgrounds to find the transition to college and university learning easier.

Growing emotionally in the context of your student’s education is about social growth. This social growth includes learning to interact with others in productive ways. Social growth is learning how we are alike and appreciating the differences. Smaller student bodies help teachers, counselors and administrators guide students as they learn to be participants in life together as they model for students relationships based on understanding and respect.

The one quadrant where private schools have the most distinct advantage is the ability to help students explore the spiritual questions of life. Private school educators have the freedom and privilege to partner with parents as well as faith-based communities to help students understand that ethical and moral behavior is based on a person’s place in a larger story. Private schools enjoy the unique freedom to teach your student that he or she has a worth and significance that is inherent as a person that is loved and valued.

There is no silver bullet solution to educating young people in this or any generation. Finding the right option begins as a family decision based on the individual needs of your student. Using the framework of the four quadrants can help you evaluate the educational path for your family that will offer your students the ability to take hold of their future.

If you would like to read more, click here for the free pdf, Four Reasons Private Education is Right for Your Family.

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