Collegiate hockey has huge impact over weekend in Antioch

There was major hockey being played right here in Antioch over the weekend as the South Eastern Collegiate Hockey Conference held its championship tournament at the Ford Ice Center.

The action was hot as the Number 3 seed, Georgia, topped Florida, the number 4 seed, in the Championship Game 7-4.

Photo gallery of the championship game:

In the first game, which was played Friday, Florida handled South Carolina with a 7-3 win. Georgia then blanked Auburn 11-0. Friday night, hometown favorites and number 2 seed Vanderbilt topped Ole Miss 7-1 and the number one seed, Arkansas, routed LSU 21-2 (yes, this is hockey).

In the 7th place game, Ole Miss beat LSU easily, 10-1.

In the fifth place battle, South Carolina dominated Auburn or an 11-6 win.

Georgia beat our hometown favs 3-0 in the semi-finals, and in the other semi-final, Florida beat Arkansas 7-1.

In the battle for third, Vanderbilt fell again, 3-2, in a tight contest to Arkansas.

Related, the conference and Ford Ice Center announced today a three-year agreement to host the SECHC tournament. It will be held in Antioch in 2017 and 2018, with an option for 2019.

You can read more about the agreement at this link.

In addition to the tournament, the 2015-2016 All SECHC Team was named Saturday at the Ford Ice Center. You can see who the 18 athletes – including three who play for Vanderbilt – are at this link.

While the Georgia may have been the big winner on the ice, the event was clearly a win for Antioch. Hundreds of people visited the community, spending money and boosting the local economy.

Our photographer covering the game said it was very well attended, giving the Ford Ice Center, and Antioch, another feather in its cap.