Thefts from motor vehicles top crime list for the week

badge.jpgWe saw a bit of crime here and there in the South Precinct, including Antioch, for the week ending February 6.

Here’s the scoop.

There were 27 thefts from motor vehicles around the community. Some of the items stolen were purses, tags, speakers, a cell phone, cigarettes, cash, a laptop, a car stereo, car wheels and tires, tools, an amp, and a sticker off a tag.

There were also eight vehicles reported as stolen during the week. Seven of the eight were taken because the keys were made available. Three were warm-ups, three were left running, and one left the keys accessible at a half-way house.

Other crimes included:

  • 20 residential burglaries
  • Three commercial burglaries
  • 10 street robberies
  • Three commercial robberies