LCS inducts National Honor Society members

12743790_1220562097971845_4378142642960468449_nFollowing in the instruction of Ecclesiastes 9:10, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might,” 27 Lighthouse Christian School students earned their way into the National Honor Society last week.

Thursday, the following students were inducted: Malik A., Deng A., Trent A., Seth A., Aaron B., Britney C., Le’Seandra D., Austin H., Maity H., Devan H., David I., Davonna J., Matthew K., Victoria K., Jaren L., Mya L., Chynna M., Alexa P., Faith P., Cammerin R., TJ S., Yonathan T., Holly V., Gracie W., Jane Y., Dear Y., Alicia Y.

At Lighthouse Christian School, to be inducted into the National Honor Society, students must meet the criteria for two organizations – the National Honor Society and the American Christian Honor Society.

We know everyone is proud of these 27 young men and women.