Community meeting to update Antioch on proposed transitional housing

District 28 Council Member Tanaka Vercher.

District 28 Council Member Tanaka Vercher.

Council Member Tanaka Vercher, who represents District 28, is holding a meeting Saturday to update the community on the proposed half-way house for recently released felons.

The proposed housing would be located on Una Antioch Pike and Carrollton Station near the railroad crossings and Lighthouse Christian School.

According to information, the project, described as massive, will house violent offenders

The proposed location for a transitional housing complex for recently released inmates in Antioch.

The proposed location for a transitional housing complex for recently released inmates in Antioch.

after they are released from prison.

The site is located in District 28, 308 Carrolton Station Drive, at the intersection of Una Antioch Pike and Payne Road S. According to the planning commission it is zoned MUL (mixed use, limited) and RM6 (mixed density, residential) approved for 139 multi-family unit.

District 32 Council Member Jacobia Dowell wrote on Facebook, “The property was zoned to accommodate a for sale owner occupied community. An organization who is now recognized as a church will operate the space. They acquire the property in foreclosure. There are no known improvements to Una Antioch Pike/Blue Hole/Hickory Hollow Pkwy/Mt View.”

She added, “I encourage you to get involve and learn about this project. We will feel the impact this commercial facility operating in an already congested area. Additionally, the operators have opted not to address any of our concerns citing they are a church.”

Dowell said even though the project is not in her district, it will impact the community, and is encouraging community involvement.

While there have been a few supporters of the project, most people are in opposition. In groups such as Hip Antioch, and in comments on various news stories related to the project, opposition has been overwhelming.

The public meeting will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, February 20 at Apollo Middle School, 631 Richards Road, in Antioch. The meeting should last about an hour.

For more information, contact Council Member Tanaka Vercher, (615) 878-5653, or email her at [email protected].

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