The Antioch housing market stays strong through bad weather

This new listing at 1521 Water Oak Ct. is listed for $147,000.

This new listing at 1521 Water Oak Ct. is listed for $147,000.

The real estate market in Antioch remains very solid, despite a slowdown in sales due to weather.

In the latest report, states that the median sales price is $149,000. About two weeks ago, Trulia listed the median sales price as $150,000. reports a slightly different number, stating the median closing price is $158,000 with a median list price of $175,000. did not list median sales prices, but claims a median listing price of $176,875, which is up from $164,900 one year ago.

The sites are quite different on available inventory, as well.

Site listings for homes for sale are:

  • – 145 homes
  • – 243 homes
  • – 389 homes
  • – 250 homes

Through the end of 2015, Antioch’s foreclosure rate was 10 homes per 10,000, higher than Nashville’s average of five homes per 10,000 and the national average of three per 10,000. While home valuations are growing, this figure continues to keep the market somewhat down.

Still, Zillow rates Antioch as a “hot” buyer’s market.