Metro Schools announce make up for snow days

C456772E-EFBA-4491-AE59-FD7FFFAD9871Metro Schools’ students will be in school on Wednesday, March 16 and Thursday, March 17 to make up for days lost due to winter weather in February, according to the recently updated district calendar.

The Metro Schools district calendar included five built-in snow days in the 2015-2016 school year. Due to inclement weather, seven snow days have been used, and make-up days must be scheduled for the two additional snow days beyond the calendar allotment. Because March 16 and March 17 are now instructional days, the district’s Intersession is now only on Friday, March 18.

Tennessee state law requires districts to offer the equivalent of 180 days of instruction and at least 6.5 hours of instruction a day. State law also allows school districts that offer a 7-hour instructional day to stockpile up to 13 of the 180 days for snow days, teacher professional development days, parent-teacher conferences, or any combination thereof. Metro Schools officials build the calendar to include a combination of these uses, which allows for greater flexibility in how the days are used from year to year. If it is a mild winter, those stockpiled days are put to good use for students, teachers and parents. If it is an active winter, those days are available for snow make-up days instead.

For questions about the district’s calendar, families can call the Metro Schools Customer Service Center at 615-259-4636.