Police net arrests, seizures in Antioch area

badge.jpgNashville’s finest made a number of arrests last week as a result of undercover operations.

The South Precinct hit Antioch hard, charging 18 people as a result of the various investigations. Arrests were made along Country Drive, Antioch Pike, Wallace Road, Murfreesboro Pike, Lewis Street, Perkins Street, Trimble Street, and Parris Street. Seizures included .6 gram of cocaine, two grams of methamphetamine, three ounces of marijuana, two pills, and one gun.

The Hermitage Precinct, which includes a part of Antioch, were working Bell Road, as well as Central Pike, New Hope Road, Nepal Drive, and Blackwood Drive. The charges 14 persons and seized 11 grams of marijuana, two grams of heroin, 18 pills, and $437 cash.

Other precinct activity included:

Midtown Hills Precinct detectives charged 10 persons as the result of investigations on Edgehill Avenue, Wedgewood Avenue, Horton Avenue, and Harding Place.  Seized were 17 grams of marijuana.

West Precinct detectives charged 14 persons as the result of investigations on Briley Parkway, Harding Pike, 54th Avenue North, and Tennessee Avenue. Seized were 91.3 grams of marijuana, 1.8 grams of heroin, and two pills.

North Precinct detectives charged 24 persons as the result of investigations on 16th Avenue North, Ashton Avenue, Whites Creek Pike, and Brick Church Pike.  Seized were more than 4.5 ounces of cocaine, 32 grams of marijuana, one vehicle, and $785 cash.

Madison Precinct detectives charged 7 persons as the result of investigations on Elmore Drive, Gallatin Pike, Rivergate Parkway, Wade Circle, and Roosevelt Avenue.  Seized were seven grams of methamphetamine, one gram of cocaine, and two pills.

East Precinct detectives charged 8 persons as the result of investigations on Dickerson Pike, Trinity Lane, Cahal Avenue, Meridian Street, Piedmont Avenue, and Gallatin Pike.  Seized were 81.1 grams of marijuana, 6.7 grams of heroin, 6.7 grams of methamphetamine, two guns, and $780 cash.

Central Precinct detectives charged 3 persons as the result of investigations on Broadway, Ewing Street, and Middleton Street.  A small amount of marijuana was seized.

Persons suspecting drug activity in their neighborhoods are urged to call the police department’s 244-DOPE hotline. Callers to the hotline can remain anonymous.