Keys continue to be big contributor to theft

Police reports show that for the seven-day period ending Feb. 27, 79 percent of all cars stolen in Nashville were easy targets because the thieves had access to the keys.


In 13 of 19 of those cases, the cars were left unattended while running.

In the South Precinct, Sgt. Rafael Fernandez has all but begged citizens to keep their car doors locked and to not leave any valuables in their cars.

To reinforce this, there have been 19 thefts from motor vehicles since Sunday. Items stolen include temporary tags, tools, a generator, a tablet, and a car stereo. In several cases, valuables were left exposed and/or the doors were unlocked.

The police department’s continuing PARK SMART campaign strongly urges citizens to lock their automobile doors, secure any valuables and REMOVE THE KEYS.

Officers also urge citizens to SHOP SMART by not leaving purses or other valuables unattended in shopping carts or in plain view in vehicles, even for a very short time.  An unattended purse is an easy target for a thief.