Man injured in burglary attempt

Trenton Hartman_031816Trenton Hartman’s decision to burglarize an apartment in the Waterford Crossings complex on Old Franklin Road at 11 a.m. last week failed to take into account that an armed tenant just might be inside.

Hartman, 24, of Crossings Boulevard, showed up at Vanderbilt University Medical Center with a gunshot wound to his shoulder a short time after JoShanda Odems, 36, opened fire on an intruder in her bedroom.  Hartman was treated and released and is now charged with aggravated burglary.  His bond is set at $100,000.

Late this morning, Odems heard repeated knocking at her door.  She looked through the peephole and saw a man she did not know.  She grew concerned and retreated to a closet in her bedroom armed with a .357 revolver.  As Odems was on the phone with a 911 operator, she heard an intruder inside the apartment.  Moments later, she heard the person entering her bedroom.  When Odems came face to face with Hartman at her closet door, she fired one time in defense of herself.  Hartman ran.  Odems was not sure whether she had hit him.

Odems identified Hartman as the burglar after being shown a photo lineup.  At the time of today’s burglary, Hartman was free on $4,000 bond on a felony theft charge stemming from his arrest earlier this month for allegedly stealing lottery tickets from a local convenience market.