Mathews updates Antioch on temporary jail relocation

Lonnel Mathews

Lonnel Mathews

Lonnel Mathews, who leads the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods and Community Engagement, shared information about the temporary move of the Sheriff’s offices and jail from downtown to the Harding Place facility.

Mathews told attendees at the Crossings Nashville Action Partnership meeting that he wanted to clear up what he called misinformation about the move of the sheriff’s operations.

First, he said it is only temporary while the downtown Criminal Justice Center is being renovated. He emphasized that operations will move back downtown when the renovation is complete.

Mathews also said the modular buildings that will be placed on the property will house administration only.

“It (the modular buildings) will not house inmates,” he said.

He said there will be more guards added to meet the safety needs of the temporary increase in population.

He also added that there will be no paving of the soccer fields adjacent to the Harding Place jail. Mathews said that in May, when the move begins, activity will cease at the soccer field and adjacent greenway, out of safety, and they will resume with when operations move back to the Criminal Justice Center.

During the interim, Mathews said Metro is looking to relocate activities normally held at the soccer fields.

He also said they are looking to schedule a meeting about the temporary relocation in the near future and that Mayor Megan Barry wants to be at that meeting.