Who works at the library?

Have you ever wondered who works at the library?  All kinds of people from many different backgrounds work for Nashville Public Library.  Usually, the first people you see when you enter the library are Circulation Assistants.  These individuals can help you check material out.  They also check in material when you return it.  They can answer questions about your library account, help you get a library card, and take your money if you need to pay fines.


Pages do the really hard work in the library!  They are the ones who put the books back on the shelf, straighten up the library, and find the books you put on hold.

You will normally find Library Associates at the Adult, Teens and Children’s information desks.  Library Associates can help you find the next book in the series you love, show you how to download e-books, help you answer reference questions, and provide computer help.

Technically, to be a Librarian, you have to have a Master’s in Library Science degree.  Yep, can you believe there’s a master’s degree for librarianship?  Librarians are trained to help you do in depth research, to provide recommendations for books and authors you might be interested in, to make connections in the community that promote Nashville Public Library and all the services that we offer, and to plan programming for all ages and sectors of the community we serve.

Each month there are, literally, hundreds of programs that take place at the Southeast Branch Library.  Did you know that?  During the month of March, we had programs on Meditation for Everyday Living, Lego club, Kanji calligraphy, candy sushi, 3D printing, yoga, aging well, the history of jazz music, and many more.

Here are some programs coming up in April and May:

  • Cheap and Easy Crockpot Cooking on Sunday, April 24 at 2:30 PM
  • Family Fun Day: Diversity in Action (DIA) Celebration on Saturday, April 30
  • Hooked on Crochet classes every Friday at 3:00 PM
  • Yoga every Monday at 6:30 PM

We also have story times, teen activities, and adult education classes nearly every day of the week.  You can go here (and then click on the Southeast Branch) for a complete listing of our all events.

We want the library to be one of the first places you turn to when looking for something to do in Southeast Nashville.  We know that in order for that to happen, we need to plan programming that YOU are interested in and that fits YOUR schedule.

Would you be willing to take a short quiz to help us as we plan?

Regardless of our title, all of us want every customer to have a great experience at the library.  Many people think library employees get to sit around and read all the new books every day.  While a lot of us do read in our off time, we work at the library because we like helping people find the information they need to make their lives better.

Think you would like to work or volunteer at the library?  Nashville Public Library posts all our job openings through Metro Government’s website.  Or apply here for volunteer opportunities.

Whether you want to work at the library or just make use of the many services we offer, we hope you’ll take some time to stop by and see us at the Southeast Branch Library!