Marshall Middle Prep hosts first Cane Ridge block party

IMG_0487Saturday, April 23, saw the first ever Cane Ridge Block Party, hosted at Thurgood Marshall Middle Prep in Antioch. Four elementary schools and two middle schools participated in the afternoon of friendly sports matches.

Bounce houses and a DJ were located outside, and the day ended with a basketball matchup of Marshall Middle Prep parents and staff against Antioch Middle Prep parents and staff.

Over the last few years, Marshall Middle has hosted a TCAP kickoff day, which morphed into the event held Saturday. Principal Roderick Webb wanted to include all the elementary and middle schools in the Cane Ridge Cluster at the event. Hundreds of family members strolled across the sprawling campus of Marshall Middle, which invited local businesses to sell their products. Vendors ranged from baked goods to a barbeque food truck, and most school staff members were overwhelmed by the participation from the Antioch community.

“When I drove on campus, it completely surpassed my expectations. I thought this would be a relatively small event, but people were literally parked on the grass, and vendors and families were all over the place. It was incredible,” said Dan Moranville, Community Involvement Specialist at Antioch Middle Prep.

Marsha Dunn, Principal of Kelley Elementary School, said, “Perfect weather, excellent organization, and good sportsmanship sum up the day for the Cane Ridge Cluster Block Party.” Students who played soccer on Saturday for Kelley Elementary drenched their coach with the water cooler in celebration for winning the championship. “The soccer match was a great addition to the traditional basketball games. Kelley had twice the amount of parents and students participating and in the audience from last year,” Dunn added.

The culminating event of the afternoon was the parent/staff basketball game. Antioch Middle and Marshall Middle parents and staff members played an excitingly close game, with Antioch coming out on top thanks to a last minute push.

With the appreciation of families and school staff members so evident, the Antioch community is already anticipating the 2017 Cane Ridge Block Party.

We hope you enjoy this photo gallery of some of the action.