Camp Widjiwagan featured in The Disney Way

For millions of people around the world, just summoning up the word “Disney” stirs up excitement. Regardless of how old you are, the Disney experience holds a place in the imagination that promises and delivers magic – and what constitutes that magic is a success credo that began with Walt Disney himself.

The sharing, teaching, and practical use of “Dream, Believe, Dare, Do” – is The Disney Way. In this newly expanded third edition of THE DISNEY WAY (McGraw-Hill; April, 2016; Hardcover, $30.00), the authors feature organizations including TYRA Beauty, Ottawa County, Michigan, Science Center of Iowa and others that have masterfully adopted Walt’s Dream, Believe, Dare, Do principles.

The book has local ties, featuring Joe C. Davis YMCA and Camp Widjiwagan.

Jeff Merhige, Executive Director, charted a visionary course to become the number camp in America in program delivery, staff training, and facility.  He planned to achieve this by providing a “safe, fun, magical and educational experience for all guests and children through the demonstration of four core values – respect, honesty, responsibility, and caring – and practicing ‘kids and guest first’ customer service.”

Jeff’s first year was off to a great start with his staff marketing all new programs, contacting more than 1200 families from the previous summer, and planning to hire seasonal staff.  They would all be immersed in the new Disney Way Dream, Believe, Dare, Do (Walt Disney’s success credo) culture.  The seeds of the plan sprang forth from the Dream of their passionate leader:  “I want to give kids a better childhood.  That’s my pixie dust.”  Jeff’s team of volunteers and donors raised over $200,000, which allowed the YMCA to launch numerous activity expansion projects for guests.

These included four 80-200 foot long tube slides, a Kangaroo jumper, and one of the only wheelchair-accessible zip line in the US.  Within a short period of time, the staff had completed over 25 items on their Dream list, including the creation of a 600-person amphitheater and over two dozen programs.  Jeff built a sustainable workplace culture based upon Walt Disney’s Dream, Believe, Dare, Do credo.

Through these examples of great leadership, you’ll be inspired to enable your own organization to produce a customer-centric culture. Walt Disney knew how to go above and beyond the norm – the expected – when it came to the Guest experience. His creative genius extends well beyond mere end products. The Guest is experiencing the result of a carefully managed process of creativity that pushes Cast Members to deliver an unparalleled experience at every touchpoint. Disney corporate culture experts Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson explore how companies large and small can bring greater vision and innovation to their business processes, create a customer-centric culture and achieve success beyond their highest expectations.

More, you will learn how to:

  • Use Walt Disney’s leadership definition to energize your entire organization
  • Encourage creativity
  • Create magical moments for both customers and employees
  • Replace “fear” with “fun”, and build loyalty and enthusiasm
  • Make motivating long-term company goals for employees
  • Learn from other companies that have used The Disney Way to achieve amazing results Understand the secrets of Walt Disney’s real “pixie dust” – “love” Produce a customer-centric culture with a proven roadmap for implementing Dream, Believe, Dare, Do If there is one thing that keeps people coming back to Disney, it is the consistency of the experience.

The Walt Disney Company is the master at creating controlled environments that never disappoint. Because the Company goes to great lengths to communicate its beliefs and traditions to every Cast Member, the Disney product offers people a comforting familiarity that is hard to duplicate in today’s fast-paced world. And yet, the authors explain how a focused and unwavering dedication to implementing the Dream, Believe, Dare, Do principles can help readers to produce their own unique customer-centric organizations.