Cane Ridge Cluster meeting to focus on school growth

An important meeting regarding the explosive growth in the Cane Ridge High School Cluster, and the need to rezone school lines, will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, May 23 at the Southeast Regional Community Center.


According to Joe Bass, external communications manager for Metro Nashville Public Schools the meeting next Monday is to start talking about a new elementary school for the Cane Ridge/Antioch community.

“Monday’s meeting will get into some details of how that will happen and – more importantly – start looking at the zoning possibilities that could affect other schools,” Bass said.

He added that the main elementary school expected to be affected by zoning would be Cane Ridge Elementary, which is severely overcrowded, though there could be others, too.
“This meeting will present blank maps so parents and community members can help us find the right places to draw lines,” Bass said in an email. “We’ve used this process before in other school communities, and it always goes very well. It’s a truly community informed process.”
Currently, the Cane Ridge cluster includes the following schools:
Elementary Schools