We’re hiring at AntiochTenn.com

file3641283618643Here at AntiochTenn.com we’re looking for a little help to get us through the day/week/month/year as we expand coverage and try to provide more service to the Antioch community.

Right now here’s the help we need:

First, the paid help.

Sports Reporters

In the fall, we are looking to expand our local news coverage to include high school and middle school sports in Antioch. To do that, we’re going to need some pretty dedicated sports reporters who can not only cover the game, but cover the people behind the game – the young men and women who make middle and high school sports so great.

We anticipate needing several people to fill this role and these will be paid freelance positions. We will consider high school and college students with an interest in sports journalism.

College students – we will gladly work with your university to fulfill internship requirements, as well.

Digital Advertising Sales

We are looking for a part-time person who can commit approximately 20 hours per week to digital ad sales. This will be a commission only position and is ideal for a college student interested in marketing/sales or a stay-at-home parent looking to make some extra cash.

While experience and knowledge of digital advertising sales and/or marketing is certainly helpful, so too is organization, drive, and tenacity (you have to make that 10th call after having 9 doors slammed in your face).

Now we are also looking for a couple of voluntary positions:

Volunteer Community Columnists

Are you a subject matter expert? Cooking, gardening, personal finance, local history, religion/devotionals, or other areas? How about this, do you like to gossip? Know everything happening in Antioch? We are looking for people who can write columns on a regular basis (weekly to monthly) on a particular subject.

This is a voluntary position at the moment.

Volunteer Reporter

Yea, everyone hates being a volunteer. I totally get that. However, with a limited budget, we are looking for someone who may have an interest in writing some news or feature pieces on a voluntary (sometimes paid-per-piece) basis. Topics of particular interest include Antioch business and Antioch churches.


If any of these positions interest you, please send a resume and cover letter to Clay Morgan at [email protected]