Doing Business In Antioch: Janice Martin, EXIT Realty Associates

Janice Martin kicks off our new business leaders series. I ‘met’ her recently when she introduced herself and began working in the Antioch real estate market. She is an incredibly nice lady deserving of great success. 

Janice Martin

Janice Martin

Tell us something personal readers and customers may not know (hobbies, a bit of personal history, etc).

I am an avid reader. Love sitting down and enjoying a good book. It’s nothing like absorbing yourself into another world, if only for a moment. I also love to exercise. It’s so many benefits to exercise, why not?

What motivates you in your business?

What motivates me in business, is making other people happy and helping them achieve their goals. Nothing compares to handing a person the keys to their dream home. To assist someone in getting “their white picket fence” is exhilarating. Everyone works hard these days and deserves to reap what they sow!

Can you name one mentor or person you admire, and why?

I admire Ursula Burns. She is the first African-American CEO to head a Fortune 500 company, Ursula Burns has made a name for herself in the business big leagues. She’s an NYU and Columbia graduate who later became the CEO of Xerox. I admire her for being a successful business woman.

What is the greatest challenge to doing business in Antioch?

Greatest challenge is getting my name out there! I want everyone I meet and see to know, if you are in the business of buying or selling real estate, please see me asap!! I am eager to help anyone.

What do you think is the key to success in business in Antioch?

The key to success is being honest and true in your work. Keeping your customers best interest in the forefront. The rest will follow when you have good work ethic.

What can the readers of do to help you succeed?

To all the readers out there, give me a call if you have any questions or have any interests about selling or buying homes. I am here anytime!


Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers about you or your business?

If you know anyone looking to buy or sale real estate, please send them my way!