Doing Business In Antioch: Karen Haden, EAZE Custom Framing, Inc.

Karen Haden

Karen Haden

Karen Haden is the president and owner of Antioch’s EAZE Custom Framing, Inc. She holds a special place in the heart of for this little piece of trivia she may not even know: EAZE Custom Framing was the first paying advertiser on This is a great business that not only supports the artistic community in Southeast Nashville, but Karen is a strong believer that Antioch is something great and can be greater still.

Tell us something personal readers and customers may not know (hobbies, a bit of personal history, etc).

I have 2 rescue cats and a puppy. I enjoy do it yourself projects around the house and playing in my flower gardens. I have always wanted to be an artist.

What motivates you in your business?

I like to eat. LOL. Seriously, I love what I do. I have the opportunity to meet my wonderful neighbors here in the community, work with my hands, play with paint and frame extraordinary art, collectibles and heirlooms.

Can you name one mentor or person you admire, and why?

I have to say 2 people, which are my sons, Elliott and Zach. In spite of all the challenges and hardships we faced with my being a single parent these 2 young men have made me extremely proud. Their ability to think outside the box, stepping out of their comfort zone to accomplish their goals is amazing to me.

What is the greatest challenge to doing business in Antioch?

Letting people know we are here and getting the masses to do business with the local businesses. I always hear the majority of people from our area shop elsewhere which is why previously so many of the retailers left. Yet we have many customers who travel to us from the other areas. Go figure.

What do you think is the key to success in business in Antioch?

Good question. I’m still trying to figure that one out. Our area is a tough one for a small business. I’ve been told more than once I should consider relocating to another part of Nashville. I’ve lived here in SE Nashville since 1995. I love it here. It’s my home so I plan on staying till I have to retire.

What can the readers of do to help you succeed?

Keep spreading the news.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers about you or your business?

Please come see us for your framing. We’ll take great care of you. We’re offering painting workshops for families and adults.

This mural on the side of EAZE Custom Framing was recently painted by the company's resident artist Jillian Savage.

This mural on the side of EAZE Custom Framing was recently painted by the company’s resident artist Jillian Savage.