DCSO focus group meets, talks issues

The DCSO Focus group again met with Sheriff Hall on June 22. Present were Betty Ensor Thomas, Therese Brumfield, Lorinda Hale and Karen Kelley, Sheriff Daron Hall, and Karla West DCSO.

The initial discussion revolved around the interpretation of recent Social Media posts about the CJC project and the possible location of the recently approved Sheriffs Administrative Building.

The discussion included the community perception that this area is asked t11072816_10203270382914986_4517639579047218084_no carry a disproportionate share of the negative infrastructure needs for our city when compared to other areas and our desire to see it more equally balanced.

The fact that in order for the building to be placed on the Harding Site – (as originally presented in the budget) – would require the removal of BOTH the SOUTH PRECINCT AND FIREHALL currently on site. was heavily discussed. It was made clear to the Sheriff that the neighbors are against losing both of these vital parts of our community.

There was no funding in the CIB or the CSP to replace either facility – thus there is opposition to placing the Admin building on the Harding site. Again this is a situation where a overall Master Plan would have been helpful in addressing this before it became an issue.

It was reiterated that the inmates temporarily housed at the Harding Facility (approx. 1,029) would be returned to the Downtown CJC when it is completed and cleared for occupancy in approximately FOUR YEARS. The last of those inmates will be transferred to Harding by July 1. It was also made clear (again) that there would be the usual contingent of medium and low level security inmates that would CONTINUE to be on site.

There was a general discussion of the need for better lines of communication from the Sheriff to our community and we again pressed for a COMMUNITY WIDE Meeting at which the Sherriff could engage with and develop a stronger relationship our community. Also discussed was the need for better engagement with ALL of the Southeast Council Members.

For the community,

Therese Brumfield
Lorinda Hale
Karen Kelley
Betty Ensor Thomas

Southeast Nashville United