Metro Schools’ Transition Team begins work

Director of Schools Dr. Shawn Joseph and his transition team officially began work today, launching what is expected to be four-month process of assessment and analysis of the district.

In a half-day meeting, all 47 members of the team, led by co-chairs Dr. Betty Morgan and David Williams, came together for the first time to receive their charge and meet as subcommittees.

The group was hand selected by Dr. Joseph from Nashville and around the country to represent different areas of expertise in planning for the future of Metro Schools.

“I’ve heard Shawn talk about his ‘national network of talent,’ and we’re very fortunate to be able to take advantage of that,” said Dr. Morgan, president and CEO of the Morgan Education Group. “Many of our teammates have even led successful transitions in other school districts. This is a team of great minds with varied perspectives who can sweep over the entire district, diving into the successes, shortcomings and needs, to bring us recommendations in the most important areas.”

“We will be doing a lot of the deep thinking and heavy lifting, but the process does not live only inside this group,” said Williams, Vice-Chancellor for Athletics and University Affairs at Vanderbilt University. “The community is going to be a major part of this. That’s why well over half of our members are from here in Nashville. We will use our connections to the community – along with Dr. Joseph’s outreach through the Listen and Learn sessions – to inform our work. If this work is about building success and opportunity for our students, we need to use the collective impact of Nashville in achieving our collective vision.”

“We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we kick started it today with a great conversation about our vision and the scope our job,” said Dr. Morgan. “Ultimately we want to arm Shawn and his team with the insight they need to drive a new strategic planning process. I’ve led this kind of work before, and I know Nashville has the right ingredients to make it happen.”

The team will meet as a full body periodically throughout the summer and fall with smaller committee meetings in between. To see a full list of transition team members, visit