The Branch of Nashville seeks feedback on homeless solutions

Melissa Thomas, executive director of The Branch of Nashville, spoke on two critical issues for the non-profit Tuesday night at Crossings Nashville Action Partnership: English language learning and a growing homeless population.

She spoke briefly about their English language classes and the English Language Learning Center, saying the need to teach English is growing and that The Branch of Nashville has the goal of establishing the premier English language center in the state of Tennessee.

She also asked, “Have you noticed an increase of people standing on street corners,” referring to growing numbers of homeless people in the Antioch area.

She said the food pantry at The Branch of Nashville, which serves more than 300 families a month, is seeing a growth in need.

“Let’s start the conversation,” she told attendees at the CNAP meeting, seeking solutions to this growing problem.

As part of the meeting, she handed out a short questionnaire. The following were asked of attendees:

  1. If a “Street Pack” were created to help meet the needs of those who are homeless or collecting money on the side of the road, what things should it include? (Example: water, info about resources, package of snack crackers…)
  2. Are you interested in being a part of the creation of this project? How do you see yourself helping or being a part of some solutions?
  3. Please give us a name and a text number or email if you wish to help.

Your answers to these questions may be sent to [email protected]