Una Antioch welcomes new, multi-focused preacher

Spry, witty, and down-to-earth, Adam Tune joined the Una Antioch Church of Christ as the new preacher on June 1st.

Growing up in Lebanon, he attended high school at Fellowship Christian School. Originally aspiring to become a politician, he graduated from MTSU with his Bachelor’s in Political Science.

However, Tune ultimately decided to follow his first love in ministry, following his father and grandfather. Tune then studied at Lipscomb University for a Master’s Degree in Bible.

Adam Tune has taken the helm at Una Antioch Church of Christ.

Adam Tune has taken the helm at Una Antioch Church of Christ.

This fall  he will be defending his dissertation in philosophy at Catholic University in Washington, D.C. for his PhD in Hebrew Old Testament. He knows five languages: Greek, Aramaic, Syrian, French and German.

Tune is married to Kimberly Tune and has three kids. In his spare time he likes to go shooting; translate and collate manuscripts; and watches his kids in their various activities.

“I like to watch my son who is 15, play ball and I love to watch my kids sing and play in theater. We’re big supporters of the arts. We’re nerds,” he laughs.

Tune’s main mission as preacher: physical growth.

Tune elaborated that the congregation is a “three-piece suit” of Spanish, Caucasian, and blacks; a melting pot representing the rich cultural mix Antioch consists of.

“I want it (the congregation) to be 33% Caucasian, 33% of blacks and 33% Hispanic…. Our theme this year is ‘Revival.’ We are not who we were 20 years ago. Over half the membership is Spanish. It’s a different ballgame, and we’re finding out how to work in God’s kingdom in how we can we help Antioch to the best of our ability.”

Part of dealing with the cultural blend is to incorporate the Spanish and English services together.

“I’m also trying to find a way to mix the Spanish and English church. I have not found one church that can make it into one church. We have over 100 Spanish people. The language barrier is difficult to overcome.”

He also shared plans to start a children’s church to teach little kids the proper behavior during church and teach age appropriate lessons using audio and visual aids and crafts.

Alongside the food harvest, he intends to plant a community garden in early 2017.

“It’s often food that is not nutritional like pop tarts, cereal, and cookies, which is fine… I think of back in the 60’s when Kennedy tried to bring awareness to malnourishment. He said something like ‘on the outside people look fed but on the inside they are actually malnourished.’”

And Tune is not satisfied feeding bellies– he wants to feed their souls too.

“I’m prepared to feed everyone in Antioch if I have to, but they will know where their bread came from.”

Tune also remembered going to Hickory Hollow Mall and Evergreen Chinese Restaurant, but then he said he knew people who liked Antioch just the way it was and that it didn’t need revival.

“What is revival? What do people mean by that? Normally, that means we want things how they used to be. We don’t say that but in our heads, we think that… I don’t really want to revive Antioch. I want to acknowledge we’re all different, and I want us to unite, not become uniform. That would be impossible. I want to feed souls. If we can help them make peace with each other then that would be a blessing. That was what Jesus taught…

I like Antioch. It’s my kind of field.”

Una Antioch Church of Christ also invites everyone for “Super Sunday” on July 31st. A fellowship meal will take place after regular worship services.

Church service times are:


9 a.m. worship

10 a.m. Sunday School

6 p.m. worship


7 p.m. worship

For more information, please look at their website unachurchofchrist.com.