Local precinct detectives arrest 26, seize 23 pounds of pot

Our local precinct undercover detectives continue to work very hard, charging 26 people total as a result of undercover operations last week.

The South Precinct charged 10 and Hermitage 16. Seizures included more than 23 pounds (yes pounds) of marijuana, some heroin, 131 pills, four guns, and nearly $4,000 in cash. Investigations focused around Murfreesboro Pike, Valeria Street, Largo Drive, Old Hickory Boulevard, Lebanon Pike, Ocala Drive, Debow Street

Elsewhere in Nashville:

Midtown Hills Precinct detectives charged 7 persons as the result of investigations on West Iris Drive, Patterson Street, Old Hickory Boulevard, Nolensville Pike, Edmondson Pike, and Trousdale Lane. Seized were .14 gram of cocaine, .5 gram of heroin, and $1,221 cash.

West Precinct detectives charged 12 persons as the result of investigations on New York Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, White Bridge Road, and Charlotte Pike.  Seized were 6.5 grams of marijuana, 125 pills, four grams of cocaine, one vehicle, and $2,201 cash.

North Precinct detectives charged 8 persons as the result of investigations on Clarksville Pike, Haynes Park Court, Fairview Drive, and West Hamilton Road.  Seized were 31 grams of marijuana, 16 grams of cocaine, 35 Xanax bars, two guns, and $135 cash.

Madison Precinct detectives charged 13 persons as the result of investigations on Rothwood Court, Jefferson Street, Anderson Lane, Rio Vista Drive, and Gallatin Pike. Seized were three pounds of marijuana, one gram of heroin, .5  gram of cocaine, four weapons, and $19,977 cash.

East Precinct detectives charged 9 persons as the result of investigations on Dickerson Pike, Trinity Lane, Gallatin Road, Douglas Avenue, and North 6th Street.  Seized were 1.6 grams of cocaine, 35.2 grams of marijuana, 15 grams of heroin, one vehicle, and $258 cash.

Central Precinct detectives charged 26 persons as the result of investigations on Lafayette Street, Middleton Street, Lea Avenue, 2nd Avenue South, and Peabody Street.

Persons suspecting drug activity in their neighborhoods are urged to call the police department’s 244-DOPE hotline. Callers to the hotline can remain anonymous.