Southeast Nashville resident to assume leadership role

Karen VanCleave

Karen VanCleave

Karen Johnson, Council Member for District 29, announced that Karen VanCleave, the Beautification Commissioner for District 29, has been elected to chair the Beautification and Environment Commission for Metro.

Her election was unanimous and Johnson wrote in her newsletter announcement, “This is exciting that once again Southeast Nashville leadership is being recognized in our city and our area leaders are making a difference in our community/city.”

According to the Metro website:

The Metro Beautification and Environment Commission works to make Nashville clean, safe, and attractive. The commission coordinates the efforts of volunteers, city departments, business and community groups, and government agencies to provide environmental programs, beautification projects, as well as training and educational opportunities for the residents and visitors of Nashville and Davidson County.

The Commission comprises representatives from the 35 council districts appointed by the mayor to serve three-year terms.

A division of Metro Parks since 1975, it became part of Metro Public Works on July 1, 2005. The commission is funded by the Public Works budget for staff and office costs, state grants for education programs, and volunteers’ in-kind goods and services.

Visit this link for a full list and contact information for all Beautification Commissioners.

Link: Council Member Karen Johnson’s newsletter