New physician to Antioch gets to the point in health

As school cranks up, things are quite busy at Antioch’s newest physician practice, Family Practice at The Crossings, which is part of the TriStar network.

Dr. Christopher Holloway, a partner who engages in family practice, at the facility, said that as school cranks up it is normal to see the range of normal illnesses come into the practice.

Dr. Christopher Holloway

Dr. Christopher Holloway

Students attending school are required to have a block of immunizations, including measles, mumps, rubella, and a host of others. Still, illnesses occur, including allergies, colds, influenza, and more.

However, you and your child don’t have to suffer.

“As we get into the fall season, it becomes hard to tell if your child has an allergy, influenza, or something else that is contagious,” Holloway said. “Any bronchial illness needs to be monitored at home and if it doesn’t improve, visit a health care provider.”

He said parents should make sure their children have the obvious – a flu shot – but it doesn’t end there.

“We know to teach children to cover their mouths and wash hands,” Holloway said. “Surfaces can transmit germs and viruses.” He said that means to keep in mind that doorknobs and other similar surfaces could harbor harmful germs.

“You can never wash your hands too much,” he said. “Always wash before you eat and use hand sanitizer.”

He added that toys are a common transmitter. A sick child will handle a toy and then your child will play with it. They forget to wash hands after playing with such community toys. This is often an easy way illness is reintroduced even if a person is regularly washing hands.

He also encourages people to exercise, get plenty of rest, and eat well, all of which will strengthen the immune system.

Related to shots, Dr. Holloway said he does encounter “quite a bit,” people who are opposed to immunizations. Of particular concern is opposition to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination. He said Tennessee ranks among the lowest in the nation with this vaccination, and the Tennessee Rates are dropping.  He said it is particularly troubling given that HPV is preventable with the immunization.

“It was not too long ago people were dying from complications from measles, chicken pox, tetanus,” he said, adding that vaccines increase the longevity of lives.

He is pleased with the strong start the practice has experienced since opening in Antioch July 11.

“It is a good cross section,” Holloway said. “We treat all types day by day and it is a very diverse cross section of chronic and acute illnesses.”

Dr. Holloway added that he has found Antioch patients to be very conscientious about their health.

“We are thrilled to be here,” he said. “We now have five providers in Antioch and invite everyone to stop by and say hi.”

Family Practice at the Crossings is located at 5380 Hickory Hollow Parkway, Suite 100. The phone number is 615-731-8390. Their website is

Dr. Christopher Holloway