Proposed apartment freeze gaining attention (Link Roundup)

A proposal by three Antioch-area council members is gaining traction. Karen Johnson, Tanaka Vercher, and Jacobia Dowell, all of whom represent Antioch in the Metro Council are proposing a four-month freeze on new apartment construction in the Antioch area.

The proposal is gaining a great deal of attention in the Nashville media.

On Facebook, Dowell wrote, “If the ordinance passes, it would effectively place a four-month freezeon new construction of multifamily apartments and condominiums across a wide swath of Antioch. It would not affect all of southeast Nashville.”

Here’s a roundup of links to local stories:

The Tennessean: Freeze on Apartment Construction Proposed for Antioch

News Channel 5: Proposal would halt Antioch area development for months

The Nashville Business Journal: Lawmakers propose Antioch apartment freeze

Metro Council: Content of actual bill to freeze construction