Suspect charged in Hamilton Creek Park rape

Dennis Neptali Ramos-Montes

Dennis Neptali Ramos-Montes

A relentless eight-week investigation by Sex Crimes Detective Chuck Fleming and scientists at the MNPD Crime Laboratory has led to the identification of the man suspected of violently raping an 18-year-old nanny in Hamilton Creek Park on August 4th.

Arrest warrants charging Dennis Naptali Ramos-Montes with two counts of aggravated rape and one count of felony theft (for stealing the victim’s cell phone) have just been issued.  DNA evidence definitively links Ramos-Montes, 26, a native of Honduras, to the brutal daytime attack.  Detective Fleming had an emotional meeting with the victim this morning and informed her of the major break in this case.

Ramos-Montes is presently in the Metro Jail as the result of his arrest on September 15th on multiple charges including burglary of his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle, order of protection violation, vandalism, criminal trespassing, three counts of evading arrest, one count of attempt to evade arrest, resisting arrest, and driving without a license.

Ramos-Montes was arrested in the early morning hours of August 27th on a charge of felony aggravated domestic assault.  His 18-year-old girlfriend reported that he kicked her, grabbed her around the neck with both hands and dragged her off a couch.  His bond was set at $35,000 and the victim obtained an order of protection.  Ramos-Montes posted bond and was released from jail on September 12th.

On September 15th at 7:38 a.m., officers responded to a Hermitage residence where the ex-girlfriend was staying.  She reported that she had seen Ramos-Montes in the neighborhood and that he had burglarized her car.  Officers spotted him and Ramos-Montes sped away before abandoning the vehicle and fleeing on foot.

Less than an hour later, police received a call from a woman who lives in the 1600 block of Rachels Retreat Circle.  She reported that a man (Ramos-Montes) was on her property, including her back porch, refusing to leave.  Officers quickly responded.  Ramos-Montes saw police arriving and ran into a wooded area to escape.

Later in the day, officers went to a Rambling Road apartment where Ramos-Montes had been staying with a relative.  They were there to arrest him on outstanding warrants for his actions earlier.  He saw police arriving and dove through a bathroom window.  He fled into a wooded area and escaped despite the efforts of officers on the ground and in a police helicopter.

At 7 p.m. on September 15th, police were called to an apartment complex at 2570 Murfreesboro Pike in regard to a suspicious man walking around the B building.  Officers spotted Ramos-Montes sitting on a stairwell and converged on him from both sides.  He tried to run and resisted arrest, but was taken into custody.

Hermitage Precinct officers, particularly concerned about Ramos-Montes’ actions on Rachels Retreat Circle and seeing that he resembled a composite sketch in the case, notified Detective Fleming.  He obtained a search warrant that compelled Ramos-Montes to submit to a DNA sample.  Scientists at the MNPD Crime Laboratory matched that sample to evidence recovered in the August 4th rape case.

The victim’s phone, which was smashed and buried, was recovered during the course of the investigation.

“Our investigation shows that Ramon-Montes was a danger to this community,” Chief Steve Anderson said.  “I am grateful to Detective Fleming, who worked tirelessly to identify this man, and to the Hermitage Precinct officers and laboratory scientists whose dedicated skills were part of bringing this case to the point that charges have now been placed.”