Teen Suffers Fatal Gunshot Wound After Bailing From Stolen Car Friday Afternoon

scene-photo-1The 17-year-old who suffered a fatal gunshot wound Friday afternoon after bailing out of a stolen car on Oceanfront Circle North in Antioch and running with three accomplices to a nearby wooded area is identified as Terrance Goins of N. 7th Street.  A semi-automatic pistol was recovered at Goins body.  Ballistic testing will be conducted to help determine whether Goins shot himself or was shot by one of the other young men with him.

The three other teenagers with Goins are in custody. One of them, Kendrick Murphy, 18, of Wooddale Lane, is being charged as an adult with vehicle theft, evading arrest and unlawful gun possession.  The other two, who are ages 16 and 15, were taken to juvenile detention and charged with vehicle theft and evading arrest.

The stolen car the teens bailed out of, a 1999 Oldsmobile 88, was taken earlier this week from East Nashville, but was not reported stolen until Friday.  The Dickerson Pike dealership that sold the car equipped it with a GPS transmitter.  Officers were able to determine the car’s location via the GPS signal.  A police helicopter, a canine unit and patrol officers headed to the area of Oceanfront Circle North and Beachfront Avenue shortly after 2 p.m. to recover the vehicle.

South Precinct Officer Steven Williams encountered the stolen Oldsmobile traveling in the opposite direction on Oceanfront Circle North.  The driver of the Oldsmobile rammed the driver’s side of Williams’ marked patrol car.  The four teenagers all jumped out and took off running toward a wooded area.  Canine Officer Jaime Scruggs and his partner, Turbo, arrived and saw the four suspects running.  Officer Scruggs released Turbo to pursue them.  Just as Turbo reached the woods, the officers heard a shot.  Officer Scruggs entered the woods with other officers, not knowing whether Turbo had been hit.  He found that the dog had apprehended Murphy.  Goins was discovered deceased on the ground nearby.

With the assistance of a police helicopter, ground units and Turbo, the 16-year-old was tracked to the 7000 block of Marhaden Drive.  Turbo and Officer Scruggs took him into custody.  The 15-year-old was found hiding in a shed behind a home in the neighborhood.

Two guns the teens carried, both semi-automatic pistols, were recovered from the woods.  Detectives are following up on information that a third gun may also have been carried.  They are also working to determine the circumstances surrounding two bullet holes in the roof of the stolen Oldsmobile.

No police officers discharged weapons in this case.