The most-read Antioch stories of 2016

As we finished 2016, our second full calendar year in operation, we took stock of where we are and how far we’ve come at

In Middle and High School, four Lighthouse Christian School students captured first place. They are Joseph A., Liam L., Jadyn P. and Mo M. Published: Jan. 2016

On the very first day of, back in November, 2014, we had two visitors. The next day we had one visitor, so I assumed my wife was busy at work that day. Since, we’ve grown steadily, reaching some 25,000 readers – about 95 percent of them from Antioch and South Nashville – each month. That is an astonishing 44 percent growth in traffic.

Here’s a great and interesting number: in 2016, 2,237 stories, photos, events, venues, etc. were published on

I want to say thank you to our loyal readers and advertisers. Without them, what we do would not be possible and we are very grateful.

As we say Happy New Year and direct our focus on 2017, let’s take a look back at the 15 most viewed stories/articles/photos out of more than 2,000, in 2016. Click on the italicized link to see the story.

  1. Antioch resident Marcus Menesse launches “Stronger than my father” mentoring program

We need more people like Marcus Menesse working in Antioch and this story illustrates why.

  1. Jail relocation meeting punctuated by notable absences, lack of accountability

This was a contentious issue and the community fought hard to stop the jail relocation. This story focused on who didn’t attend important meetings.

  1. Empty no more: Conn’s opens in old Target location

There were plenty of questions about Conn’s HomePlus, but most people were delighted to see businesses moving into the shopping center that used to house Target.

  1. Undercover detectives round up 35

Routine crime story. Sadly, crime stories receive heavy readership.

  1. Ezell-Harding launches $4 million upgrade initiative

The highlight of this story is the local private school investing heavily, reinforcing its place and commitment in the heart of Antioch.

  1. Yet another business headed to Antioch

It was Ollie’s, which has become a very popular store.

  1. Open for business: It’s booming in Antioch (Photo Gallery)

This was the most-viewed photo gallery of the year and merely featured store fronts and

Dollar Tree, 2724 Murfreesboro Pike, Now Open For Business. Published: April 2016

signs from businesses moving to the area.

  1. Antioch Middle Prep poised for success with new principal, faculty

We think the world of Principal Celia Conley and apparently a lot of folks in Antioch were curious what she was bringing to the table at Antioch Middle.

  1. Police net arrests, seizures in Antioch area

Another routine crime story.

  1. Man charged with vehicular homicide in Bell Road fatal accident

A terrible alcohol-fueled accident with horrid consequences.

  1. Una Antioch welcomes new, multi-focused preacher

This July story was by far our most read church-focused story for 2016 as the community welcomed a new pastor to the area.

Adam Tune has taken the helm at Una Antioch Church of Christ. Published July 2016

  1. Community meeting to update Antioch on proposed transitional housing

Council Member Tanaka Vercher held a series of meetings regarding some proposed transitional housing in Antioch. And the community turned out in a big way.

  1. Dr. Rummage to leave EHCS

Dr. Rummage had been synonymous with Ezell-Harding Christian School and his departure clocked in at our most read education story for 2016.

  1. Detectives make several arrests in Antioch area

We’re not sure why this story resonated with the community. Most weeks, we publish a short piece on the excellent work of Metro’s detectives in Antioch, and for some reason, this story garnered a lot of attention, even though it was nowhere near the largest numbers of arrests nor the largest seizure.

  1. Oldacre McDonald development gets I24 interchange approval

The popularity of this story, which published in January and was read by 1,000 more people than the second-most read story of the year, emphasized the anticipation and excitement of the Century Farms Development, which will likely redefine Antioch in a positive way.

Enjoy these photos from 2016: