Cane Ridge wrestler heading to nationals

Gabby Neal, a senior at Cane Ridge High School captured second place at the Tennessee State Wrestling Championships last weekend.

Gabby Neal, standing above the number 2, took second place in the state wrestling championships and is now heading to nationals.

In doing so, she made history being the first female from Cane Ridge to place in the state championships and placed higher than any wrestler in the school’s history.

Now she is off to nationals which will be held in March in Oklahoma.

To get there – and have a shot at bringing a national title to Cane Ridge High School and Antioch, Neal needs your help. She’s set up a Go Fund Me page for anyone willing to help her get to the national championships.

Neal said she quit playing all other sports to focus on wrestling and hopes to be an inspiration to young women everywhere.

“I wanna inspire young girls that women can do anything the set there mind too, and anything that boys can do girls can do it too,” she says.

You may learn more about Gabby and Cane Ridge wrestling on the Cane Ridge Wrestling Facebook Page.

Editor’s Note: Gabby is a student in Publisher Clay Morgan’s class. An exceptional student and genuinely nice person, he notes.