Police dog’s nose leads to drug bust on I-24

The keen nose of police dog Stryker led to today’s discovery of one pound of heroin and one pound of meth concealed in the stuffing of a cookie pillow.

Francisco Guzman

The case began with a speeding Toyota Solara sedan.  It was traveling on I-24 west near the Bell Road exit at 86 mph in a 70 mph zone.  Interdiction Officer William Taylor stopped the car and asked its driver, Francisco Javier Guzman, 29, for his license.  Guzman appeared nervous and acknowledged that he did not have a license.  Officer Taylor had Stryker, his canine partner, do an open air sniff around the car.  Stryker alerted to the presence of drug odor.  On the front seat was a parcel wrapped in Christmas paper.  Inside the box was a cookie pillow with a small slit cut in the side.  The heroin and meth were concealed with the stuffing.

Guzman is charged with possessing heroin and meth for resale, and driving without a license.  He is being held in lieu of $151,500 bond.

The wrapped cookie pillow.