dramatically expands ad offerings, continuing its efforts to offer great service to local advertisers, has expanded its advertising offerings to 63 different formats.

The sticky note ad is just one of the new offerings from

“We want local businesses to stand out,” Clay Morgan, publisher of said. “So we offer a variety of ways that go far beyond Good Adwords or Facebook ads in terms of engagement, interactivity and the ability to get attention.”

Morgan said it seems to be working. Google’s own reporting indicates that ads on are clicked at a rate that is twice the national average.

However, he said growth has been a key to this too.

“February was another banner month,” Morgan said. “We had over 30,000 unique visitors for the first time, and each of our prime ad locations served over 150,000 advertising impressions.”

He added that even ads in lower priority locations were seen 35,000 to 45,000 times each.

“It is exciting to see the growth, but it is also exciting to see our ads out performing platforms like Facebook and Google, and to be able to offer as many impressions as the major metro news media in Nashville,” Morgan said.

Some of the new formats include an attention-getting home page sticky note.

While uses Facebook and Google advertising sometimes to promote its own business, it does understand that results like these could be improved.

“I don’t know if it will go over, but I like it,” Morgan said. “We’re running a house version and in six hours it was clicked three times. While that may not seem like much, for six hours it is a huge click thru rate.”

Morgan said another format he hopes businesses will take an interest in is the “Facebook ad.”

“This is kind of cool and ideal for a business that has a very active Facebook presence,” Morgan said. “The ad, once an hour, checks your Facebook page and changes to match your most recent post, pulling in photos, text, likes, comments and all.”

It is a great way to have ever changing content without lifting a finger. What’s more, Morgan said the ad format can also pull from Twitter and Instagram feeds.

“With 63 ad formats, I just can’t go over them all in a story, but we now offer five formats for multiple photo ads, four different types of video ads, Social Media integration, simple formats, IAB compliant ads, and traditional banner ads. We’ve really expanded our inventory and working with our adserver, we expect to hit 100 formats in the new future.”

Some of these formats can be viewed on’s advertising showcase.

For more information, there is a form on the Ad Showcase you can fill out. Also, you may email Clay at [email protected]