Cultures celebrate diversity at Cane Ridge’s International Day

Wednesday, as many were taking off to enjoy Spring Break, students from a wide range of countries celebrated diverse culture during the first International Day at Cane Ridge High School.

The event, which opened with international members of the Cane Ridge Rhythmic Ravens March Band performing the Star Spangled Banner, featured informational booths on a dozen countries, food from various countries around the world, native attire, music, and native dances. There was also a fashion show featuring fashions from the various countries highlighted.

Booths put the spotlight on the culture of several countries, including Myanmar, Somalia, India, Kurdistan, Mexico, Iran, El Salvador, Nepal, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Ethiopia, and Dominican Republic.

At the booths, students wore traditional attire, shared informative displays about their home countries, showed off cultural items, and shared some absolutely amazing food.

Entertainment included traditional dances from Mexico, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Nepal, and Kurdistan. Large groups of people got involved in the Kurdish and Egyptian dancing, creating a festive, party-like atmosphere at the event. There were even a couple of more “American” dances, such as the electric slide set to Achy Breaky Heart, which was sung in another language, and the Cupid Shuffle.

The students were the ones who made the event so successful, putting in hours of preparation work and rehearsals.

An estimated 400 or more students, faculty, staff, and families attended the event.

Current plans call to continue Cane Ridge’s International Day next year.

Enjoy this photo gallery (All photos by Laurie Combs Morgan) from the show:

Editor’s disclosure: The Publisher/Editor of is a teacher at Cane Ridge High School.