Three from Antioch arrested in major meth bust

A months-long investigation into methamphetamine dealing in the Nashville area led to Tuesday’s arrest of eight persons who Specialized Investigations Division detectives allege to have made up a significant meth distribution organization.  Three of those arrested lived in Antioch.

The undercover work, which also involved the MNPD Gang Unit and South Precinct Crime Suppression Unit, led to the seizure of three pounds of crystal meth, valued at approximately $45,000, seven grams of heroin, one gun, $6,339 cash, and two vehicles.

Defendant Jason White, 37, is alleged to have been the organization’s primary distributor.  He operated out of a motel in Madison.  Other defendants also operated out of area motels or homes.

In addition to White, who is being held in lieu of $230,000 bond, the other defendants facing felony meth charges are:

•    Autumn Swindle, 39, of Gondola Drive in Antioch, $84,000 bond;
•    Mary Tosh, 23, of Clarksville, $84,000 bond;
•    Jason Holland, 36, of Gondola Drive in Antioch, $72,500 bond;
•    Stephen Mayo, 26, of Castlegate Drive, Nashville, $91,500 bond;
•    Courtney Jimerson, 37, of Lenox Creekside Drive, Antioch, $77,000 bond;
•    Jessica Stroud, 34, of Stewarts Ferry Pike, Nashville, $35,000 bond.

The eighth person, Curtis Hiott, 26, of Burrus Street, Nashville, is charged with felony
heroin possession.  His bond is set at $70,000.

The crystal meth seized in this investigation was not manufactured locally, but is believed to have originated in Mexico.

Mary Tosh

Stephen Mayo

Curtis Hoitt

Autumn Swindle

Jason Holland

Courtney Jimerson