Cane Ridge Community Meeting set for April 3

The Cane Ridge Community Club Meeting will be 6 p.m. Monday, April 3 at 6043 Cane Ridge Road.

This meeting includes a potluck dinner starting at 6. Fried chicken and tea will be provided and attendees should feel free to bring a side dish or dessert.

The agenda includes:

6:00 Blessing and Dinner served
6:30 Meeting opens with Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call of Directors
President’s report/announcements (Board meeting, decorations….)
Treasurers report (Bill – copy on desert table for review)
Old business (Need for Secretary, need for assistant to help open building for groups)
New business
6:40 Guest speaker:  Vivian Wilhoite
7:15 Council reports
7:30 Upcoming calendar, announcements
7:35 Adjourn, feel free to question guest speakers while clean-up occurs.

Here’s an update from the March meeting:

Our attendance was very good for our March meeting.  Our guest speakers were Marc Kunkle from H.R. Block  and David Withers from the State of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

Marc shared that in 2014, there were literally millions of fraudulent tax returns filed.  He urged us to shred personal data, not carry your social security number around (replace that old medicare card!), and to know that the IRS ALWAYS makes initial contact with a postal letter (never email.)  You can forward phishing scams to:  [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>    Feel free to question by calling the local office directly at 615-250-5656[X] if you feel you are being scammed.

David educated us about salamanders and crayfish that live in our areas.  He showed several slides which showed how to locate and identify various species, including the Streamside Salamander and the Nashville Crayfish.  It may be too late for this year’s breeding season to locate their eggs, but if you have water on your property and would like to discuss with him what may exist there or get more information before next spring’s breeding season, you may contact him at [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

Our guest for the April meeting is Vivian Wilhoite, Property Assessor for Davidson County.  She and her staff will be there to discuss what the upcoming property value increases mean for us, and to explain how the reappraisal works.  She can also explain who qualifies to have your property taxes frozen.  This is a very important topic and I urge everyone to stop by and take advantage of the ability to ask her your questions directly.

We also look forward to brief updates from our council representatives and our police representative.  We are all very lucky to have regular access to these officials, and I hope you will thank them for their time and service.

Jenny Andrews is hard at work putting together the Historical Presentation of Cane Ridge for our May meeting.  She will be in attendance this Monday night, and would particularly like to connect with anyone who has historical information regarding the community.  It has become very apparent that there is a LOT of history left in our area, and a few people who have direct knowledge of the history in the area.  There are several key people with whom she has not yet been able to speak, in spite of spending hours with many others.  If you have information regarding the history of our community, please help us preserve and record the information.

A special “thank you!” to Albert Bell and Jessica Layman for agreeing to put our our meeting notice signs.  We still need a couple of more people to assist with one sign, each (putting it out on Friday before the meeting and taking it down on Monday night.)  Also, thank you to Delia  Morgan and Tori Kunkle for their work taking minutes the last two months.  You all rock! We have several other volunteer opportunities and would appreciate your assistance.

The Davidson County Council of Community Clubs met today and asked you all to be made aware of these upcoming activities and opportunities:
-Garden Judging will occur in June.  It is time to start planning and planting!  There will be recognition for small gardens and large ones, professional and amateurs, and flowers and vegetables.  The great thing about this is that if you participate, you will have several professionals who come to visit your garden spot, and they can offer personalized suggestions for you in your particular yard or patio.  (One past winner had a patio garden on his apartment porch!)  So, green thumb wannabees, here’s a great way to take advantage of a wealth of knowledge.  Send me your name/address/email/phone number and I’ll forward it to our county extension age
-Urban Garden Festival, May 20th at Ellington Agricultural Center.  We do a Community Outreach program there and need volunteers to assist.  We can give out things about the Cane Ridge area (including brochures.)
-Summer Picnic:  Cane Ridge will be hosting the Summer Picnic on Monday, July 3rd this year.  This is a big deal!  If you love picnics and the 4th of July, this is your chane to fulfill the kid in you and help us pull off a fantastic picnic.

Please keep the family of Gary Middleton in your thoughts and prayers, as well as Carol Tangren and Phil Ponder.  It is easy to lose touch with who is facing challenges.  If you hear of someone who needs our thoughts and prayers, please let us know.

I hope to see you all Monday night!