posts another advertising milestone has once again increased its monthly advertising impressions served, more than doubling its record it set just a couple months ago.

In January, the site exceeded 100,000 advertising impressions for the first time in its history. However, just two months later, in March, the site posted more than double that, coming in at 243,213 advertising views served.

Clay Morgan leads the news team at

Clay Morgan is President, Publisher and Editor of

“The traffic to the site just grows and grows,” Clay Morgan,’s founder and publisher, said. “There’s power behind the fact we can make certain an ad is seen up to 200,000 times in a 30-day period.”

Morgan said there are a couple of reasons for the increase in advertising views.

“One, we continue to see a solid increase in Antioch-based traffic, according to Google Analytics,” Morgan said. “In particular, we’re seeing an increase in mobile daytime traffic from Antioch.”

He also said the site is seeing increased readership from other areas of Nashville, especially South Nashville and areas bordering Brentwood, and from La Vergne.

“Some people who live in Antioch, but use TDS for internet service, actually appear as La Vergne,” Morgan said. “So the Antioch numbers could be higher, but the majority of that 243,000 is very local.”

Furthermore, the site is seeing an increase in click-thru rates, or the number of people who actually click on ads.

“Our lowest performing ad is working at more than twice Google’s click rate,” Morgan said. “We have some ads that are performing at four to five times Google’s rates.”

The site now also offers more than 60 ad formats designed to help local businesses compete in an overrun digital advertising world.  The Ad Showcase shows you a few of those formats.

“We know that it is easy to get lost in the crowd, so we have a variety of formats guaranteed to make your life easier and get attention,” Morgan said. “We are working with our ad host to get to 100 different offerings, including ads that advertisers can change by updating their Facebook page or sending a text message.”

He said the site will be announcing a low-priced text-only ad format this week, designed to work similar to a classified ad.