Hotly contested affordable housing in Antioch back on Metro agenda

A somewhat controversial Antioch property originally intended for low income housing will be on the agenda of the Metro Council Tuesday, going before the council for its third and final vote.

An affordable housing project proposed for Antioch erupted in heated debate and threatened legal action in Spring, 2016.

The council will be canceling a portion of the Forest View Park Planned Urban Development and changing the zoning from R10 to RS10. The actually ordinance may be viewed at this link.

Under R10 Zoning is considered low to medium density and requires 10,000 square-foot lots for single or two-family residential properties. RS10, by contrast, requires 10,000 square-foot lots limited to single family homes only. In an RS10 development, duplexes are not allowed.

The bill was introduced and passed on first reading on April 19, 2016. On July 5, it passed second reading but was deferred indefinitely. It was placed back on the agenda for July 19 and Nov. 1, finally being deferred to this Tuesday.

Other actions of interest by Antioch-area council members include:

BILL NO. BL2017-701 (Karen Johnson)
Referred to Planning Commission
Map & Parcel No./Owner: 150-6-378; 150-2-32,93,94; 150-2-0-B-1,2,900 Moss Springs, LLC
Application fee paid by: Fee waived by Council
Requested by: Councilmember K. Johnson

An ordinance to amend Title 17 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws, the Zoning Ordinance of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by applying an Urban Design Overlay District on various properties located along Moss Spring Drive and Bluewater Trace, approximately 540 feet west of Bluewater Drive, zoned AR2a and RS10 (11.25 acres), all of which is described herein (Proposal No. 2017UD-003-001).

BILL NO. BL2017-704 (Vercher)
Referred to Planning Commission

An ordinance amending Section 17.28.100 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws, Zoning Code, pertaining to rope lighting (Proposal No. 2017Z-013TX-001).

BILL NO. BL2017-656 (Gilmore, O’Connell, Karen Johnson)
Approved by Public Works Committee
Approved by Planning, Zoning, and Historical Committee

An ordinance naming the Bridge over I-40 / I-65 between 11th Avenue North & 12th Avenue North along the 1100 block of Jefferson Street in honor of Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III.

The full agenda may be viewed here.