Council Woman Jacobia Dowell shares message about community cleanup

Dear Friends/Supporters,

We need your help. As most of you know, our Southeast area continues to experience litter and dumping.

We have improved tremendously with the opening of our new recycle center located on Ezell Pike Recycle Center (5113 Harding Place behind the Metro South precinct) as well as educating neighbors about the curbside pick up at no additional cost.

Through the efforts of our Beautification Commissioner and a few hardworking volunteers that mobilize at every opportunity to assist in beautifying our neighborhoods, picking up litter and cleaning our greenways, we have been able to combat this growing problem.

Clean streets and a clean neighborhood send a signal that people care about where they live and work, and indicate they don’t have any tolerance for disobedience or criminal activity. Picking up litter is all of our responsibility. Participating in a cleanup event is a great way to get involved and make a difference.

While we have had great success with just a few volunteers, I am writing you today to ask that you join us in the efforts to clean up our community. We would like you to recruit some volunteers to help us. We would like for you to invite, your religious congregation, business, employees, neighborhood or nonprofit organization to join us on this day and volunteer in the effort to clean up our Southeast community.

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 is Earth Day. I am inviting you to join me at the District 32 Community Clean Up. We will begin the cleanup at 7:00am and conclude around 1:00 pm. You are welcome to volunteer for any length of time. We will furnish clean up items and T-shirts to all registered volunteers. All ages are welcome

Some volunteer opportunities include:

(1) Check in volunteers, disburse clean up materials furnished by Metro Public Works,

(2) Oversee/setup refreshments, go pick up refreshments, coffee, etc

(3) Direct people disposing of bulk item trash to our dumpsters,

(4) Travel to an area of the community to pick up litter. I have several locations.

(5) pick up illegal signs, call the folks and let them know it’s illegal

(6) Clean up graffiti and beautify various areas of our community.

(7) Special project

(8) Clean around out SE Park area

(9) Donate a refreshment

We will have a special project of cleaning the brush and growth along the I24 train overpass on Bell Rd. I would love to have enough volunteers to clean the fence lines and make it nice. If you have rakes, garden hoes, hand saw, clippers, trash pickers, shovels, etc., please bring them. We will have gloves, vests, t-shirts, etc.

We also plan to provide refreshments for the day. If you are not able to volunteer for the day, please consider donating water, Gatorade, snacks, energy bars, chips, sandwiches,fruit or any food item to help energize our volunteers for the day. If you can ‘t donate a food item, you can donate your time to pick it up and deliver it to the clean up location next to the movie theater. I will buy it. Also, if you have a pick up truck or something to hauler, we need to put our bags of litter in the dumpster. You can agree to pick them up and bring them to the dumpster for us.

By volunteering a small amount of time, we can accomplish great things together. We can show our community pride and begin the campaign for a safer, beautiful and litter free Antioch community.

If you are able to volunteer, donate, etc, please contact Jacobia Dowell: (615) 498-7094 or Monyette Gore: (615) 430-1330. We can also answer any questions or provide any additional information.


Councilwoman Jacobia C. Dowell