LCS students take to Costa Rica for mission work

At the heart of Christianity is mission work and Lighthouse Christian School works hard to help students realize their potential as missionaries.

The drive to serve others permeates Lighthouse Christian School from an early age and is strongly encouraged by the administration, teachers, and staff.

The culmination is a mission trip for seniors to Costa Rica. Seniors have recently returned and shared their perspectives on the trip.

Here are the perspectives of different aspects of the trip, shared by the students in their own words. As you read, you’ll see the students engaged in a tremendous amount of service and worship, but they also took time to have a little fun, too.

Lighthouse Christian School gives every senior class the opportunity to go on a missions trip… The graduating class of 2017 picked Costa Rica, a beautiful nation full of life and nature located in Central America. With missions in mind, our main purpose of going was to bless the people in Costa Rica. -Jane Yang

We participated in a lot of great activities, such as zip lining across a rainforest, relaxing in a natural hot spring (it was actually heated by a volcano, pretty cool right?!), and traveling on a catamaran to an island off the coast, where we snorkeled and rode on banana boats. Every day was a journey of its own. -Cade Salyers

My favorite part of the whole trip was the catamaran. Laying out on the nets with the warm ocean breeze finding it’s way through my hair. Looking down to see what seemed like a bottomless blue ocean. Having fresh pineapple and watermelon brought to us regularly. It was quite a treat! – Wade Yawn
We had a blast, but what touched my heart the most was going to the soccer field… I walked around as kids came on the field, and just introduced myself in Spanish, to the best of my ability. I played hand games with the children, I chased them around, and we took pictures. It was unreal how happy those kids were to receive some attention. Through this whole experience I grew so much closer to God. He made me realize that we are so blessed. We take so much for granted, and these kids are nearly living on the streets with hardly any food to eat. It is so fascinating how God makes situations so revealing. -Chynna Mallory

It was a very blessed time, and most left feeling more blessed than those we played soccer with. While the serving did bless the majority of the seniors, the scenery was also very beautiful and it was quite the sight to see. All who went on the trip highly encourage others to go and say it is truly a blessing to bless others and be blessed. – Jane Yang

I guarantee that by the end of the day when it was time to leave the soccer field, no one wanted to leave. This was the moment that changed my life forever… It was unreal how happy those kids were to receive some attention. It was such a blessing to know that we changed those kids’ lives at that moment. We put smiles on their faces because God was with us. God knew that we didn’t want to play soccer, but He knew that we weren’t going to have to play soccer. He knew we were going to have a chance to bless those kids’ lives and show them what being loved is like.

He knew it all and that is why this day was the best day of my life. Through this whole experience I grew so much close to God. He made me realize that we are so blessed. We take so much for granted and these kids are nearly living on the streets with hardly any food to eat. We complain about not getting the newest pair of tennis shoes. It is so fascinating how God makes situations so revealing. Those couple of hours on the soccer field with those kids changed my life for forever. I will never forget this day and the feeling I had when I saw the smiles on their faces. -Chynna Mallory
It is important to know however that we did not only do things for our pleasure, it was a senior trip with missions incorporated into it. We went to a local orphanage there and brought the kids gifts and played with them for hours. The saying “time flies when you’re having fun” applied to this situation 100%. We were there for almost half a day, but it felt like minutes. Our hearts went out to them so much that we left them far more money than we were planning to just because God put it on our hearts to do so.

After leaving the orphanage we went back to the hotel for a bit and sat in the hot springs and enjoyed each other’s company in the pool. We then left the hotel, drove to a random field where kids were playing soccer, got out of the bus and went to go play alongside them. This was a challenge due to the fact that the majority of our class does not play soccer, so the rest of us either threw the football or played around with the other children. That is what I did and I can surely say that was a God thing. He changed my heart and my attitude towards the idea of going to play soccer with these kids. I have to be honest, I hate soccer. I never have liked it and I probably never will, but God used that random field for His glory and worked in ways I was not expecting. –Wade Yawn

Along with all these awesome events we partook in, we also picked out a day to help at the local orphanage and bring joy to the children there. We each packed little toys and candies to give them, because they are a lot less fortunate than us and we thought they would enjoy that. Later, we went back to that neighborhood and played soccer with the local kids as well. It was an absolute blast! We brought them some soccer balls and they were so excited! This day changed my life. Through seeing them, it made me grow more appreciative for what I have. It also made me want to serve others more, both in my community and around the globe, when I get the opportunity. – Cade Salyers

We hope you enjoy this photo gallery of this year’s Lighthouse Christian School mission to Costa Rica: