Heavy rains drench Antioch, creating wet weekend

Heavy rains poured a bit too much water on Antioch, resulting in road closures and spot flooding.

Mill Creek flooding Saturday covered the athletic fields at Lighthouse Christian School in water.

Mill Creek in particularly flooded, covering walking trails and covering much of Lighthouse Christian School’s athletic fields in water. According to LCS’ Facebook page, all equipment was moved before it could be damaged by rising waters.

Area roads were also closed at various times over the weekend. These included Culbertson Road, Bluff Road and Old Glenrose, all in Antioch. There were also reports of spot flooding throughout the area, including around Percy Priest Lake and at Long Hunter State Park.

No serious damage has been reported.

According to the National Weather Service, 2.6 inches of rain fell on Nashville Saturday and just shy of a half-inch, .41 inches, fell on the area Sunday. The front that moved through also brought cooler temperatures with it, resulting in highs in the 50s.

Monday should be warmer with a high of 71 but cloudy all day. The sun will begin to peak out Tuesday. Storms are on the forecast for Thursday and Friday as highs begin to creep back into the 80s toward the end of the week.