D33 Council Member Sam Coleman named judge

Sam Coleman, the metro councilman for District 33, was voted by the Metro Council to replace former Judge Casey Moreland, who resigned recently.

Sam Coleman, District 33

Sam Coleman, District 33

Coleman will not be able to serve on both the Metro Council and the judiciary, but will remain on the council until he is sworn in as judge, which will be in about two weeks.

Coleman, who was one of eight people who tossed their names into the hat for consideration, has worked as an attorney for 16 years, and also worked for the Department of Child Services.

Coleman will serve in Division 10 of the General Sessions court, where he will hear criminal cases.Sam

The council man had served two terms on the Metro CouncilĀ in a previous district and was in the first term as the representative for District 33.

He will serve as judge until 2018, when there will be a primary election in May and a general election in August. Coleman will be eligible to run for the position to which he was just appointed.

The Davidson County Election Commission will determine a time to elect a new District 33 Councilmember. In the interim, one of the five at-large members will be appointed to fill District 33 responsibilities.

Moreland recently resigned from the bench after being charged with federal crimes related to bribery. He has pleaded not guilty.