Crawl the Mall rated a huge success.

Crawl the Mall, the annual event putting Antioch on the art map, was held Saturday to great success.

There were 38 artists represented and three elementary school students who won an art contest during the Southeast Easter Egg Hunt on display.

Karen Haden, owner of EAZE Custom Framing and one of the organizers/sponsors said turnout was excellent.

“We had an incredible turnout in spite of the stormy weather,” Haden said. “We want to thank our artists, sponsors and all those who came to the show to support our artists. We all had a wonderful time and look forward to our 5th Annual Crawl the Mall next year.”

Haden said four works of art were sold.

Mollie Downton, one of the participating artists, said, “It’s a good place to come and see other artists and show off my work a little bit.”

Participating artists were:

Arndt Gloria Jean
Bonner Lloyd
Bradley Elizabeth
Bryant Robin
Cabrera Ernesto
Coggins Jack Aaron
Crowe Adam
Dixon Chelsea Diane
Downton Mollie Downton
Gaw Mary
Hinkle Reba
Howard Elizabeth Quietplz Howard
Jones Frederick
Jones III Robert H.
Kali N’Digo Yaayaa Kali
Kantorik Dianne Shearin Kantorik
Langston J. Oliver
McDowell Carmen
Micheletto-Blouin Amanda Micheletto-Blouin
Micheletto-Blouin Stephan Micheletto-Blouin
Mitchell Dennis
Montemorro Oscar
Nixon Tramaine Nicole
Pope Walt
Ramirez Hoguer R Galindez
Razo Phyllis Morris Razo
Richter Kristi
Shields Blue Shields
Shields Michael
Skopik Katherine
Stanley Theodore
Turco Kyle
Vargas Jose F.
Vaughn Royce
Wietlisbach Bridget Blair Wietlisbach
Willabus-Turner Martina
Williams Janis
Wingo Jacolyn Wingo Illustrations

Enjoy the slide show by Laurie Combs Morgan: